Free Crap Roundup

Better than diving through a dumpster, here’s a whole buncha something for nothing.

Beanie Cap with propeller! There’s no better way to tell that special someone, “I’m retarded.”

Free Syncsort duffle bag. Unfortunately, you can’t hide your fashion shame inside it. UPDATE: Offer expired.

Free 1 yr subscription to Club mom. It’s a magazine, not a porn site. Sorry, MILFers.

Free HP Color Laser Paper. For company info, just put N/A. Because if your broke ass was in a company, it’d be far easier to just steal paper from them.

$5 Bennigans card. Click to join on the right, then complete the survey. Then let the five dollar binge begin. Oh boy, it’s eating time!

Free Crayola Crayon samples. And they’re not even melted or anything, sweet.

Swedish Pop CD Sampler Giveaway. Just hope its not non-stop ABBA remixes.

(Thanks to Dewan, Cheap Stingy Freebies and the General Consulate of Sweden!)

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