Supersize Me Star Apologizes, Resolves to Eat Nothing But Own Words for 30 Days

Morgan Spurlock, the filmmaker who ate nothing but douche-bags for his Oscar-nominated documentary Supersize Me– wait, we’re sorry, that should read “ate nothing but McDonald’s meals” – issued an apology for defamatory remarks he may made while addressing a school assembly last Friday.

In a statement posted to his blog, Morgan (pictured) wrote he was “deeply sorry”, that “some of [his] remarks may have offended some in attendance.”

Racism, teachers as potheads and kids in helmets, after the jump…

Mr. Spurlock went on to correct what he saw as media distortions of his talk, such as, “the only person I called “retarded” was myself when I was unable to hear a question from the audience.” He wrote, “I did make an aside about kids sleeping in the back wearing helmets, which was done with no malicious intent.” In response to accusations of using prolific profanity, Spurlock said he only used five curses and only said “the F-Bomb” twice.

As far as calling teachers potheads, Mr. Spurlock said, “While the main floor of the auditorium was full, 7 or 8 teachers sat up in the balcony. During the Q&A after my talk, I asked them if they had any questions for me. They shook their heads no and I said to the kids, “You see, while you guys sit down here and watch, the teachers sit up in the balcony and smoke pot.”

Morgan did not address the racism accusation in using an Indian accent to imitate a cashier figuring out how to ring up a hamburger.

His goal was, as he says several times, to entertain the kinderfolk. So why then conflate McDonald’s and 7-11 stereotypes?

That’s not unfunny because its offensive, but because it’s stupid.

A Letter of Explanation [Morgan Spurlock Blog] (Hat tip to Paul!)

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