What’s Shatner Saying? Winners!

And the grand champion is… Anabelle! For her entry “If you don’t join my club I will poke my eye out.”

Secretly, we are gladdened, as that was the entry our fearless and feckless, but sometimes needing a hug, leader Ben Popken, chose as the best. Brownlee chose Airship‘s second place entry but that’s okay, Brownlee’s happy enough already, seeing as he has an orgasm every time Wal-Mart prevents an abortion. Rick Dobbs was 3rd.

Don’t worry, you’re all winners for having made it to the finals. Except of course, for those of you who lost.

Thanks for playing and Anabelle, email us what shirt from the Gawker T-shirt store you would like and your address and all that. We promise not to post it to the Gawker Stalker map.

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  1. RandomHookup says:

    Remember, 2nd place is 1st place for losers.

  2. Rick Dobbs says:

    3rd place in the contest, #1 in your hearts…

  3. Also, I don’t believe the Holocaust happened. I’m pro-Abu-Gharaib. And I eat babies, which might, come to think of it, be a rather hypocritical gastronomic habit, given my strongly stated (yet, bizarrely enough, neutrally worded!) position, re: Wal-Mart baby killing.

  4. Danilo says:

    Man, I just saw the animated version of the Shatner ad (finally).

    The motion of that thumb is… chilling.