This Week In: Favorites Consumed

Overwhelmed by big words and multiple decisions? Here
s everyone
s favorite Consumerist stories of the week, as determined by Google Analytics page views.

Worst Company in America: Ladder

Our seed list of the negative sum game to be worst company. Everyone
s a loser.

HOWTO: Escape Best Buy Without Showing a Receipt

One man
s five year vengeance plan against the big box retailer because they dared to ask for his receipt when leaving.

Glamour Pits Stilettoed Women in Death Race for Dollars

Glamour sponsors stilettoed race for $12,000 on Amsterdam
s cobbled streets. Are there stiletto clogs?

Worst Company in America: Halliburton vs. Monsanto

Who’s the greater of two evils?

Taco Bell Cashiers Replaced by Soulless Robots

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