Undercover Report Complains About Complaining About the Police

A citizen’s watchdog group conducted an undercover investigation against south Florida police departments. 31 out of 34 departments surveyed had no forms available for citizens to register complaints against officers.

Furthermore, as this video shows, simply asking for a form resulted officers executing intimidation tactics against the complainants.

The video is by turns sad, surreal and scary, just like every day in south Florida. Bust some Miami Vice on that shznit!


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  1. Paul D says:


    Do you think that first guy looks in the mirror and still wonders why somebody would want to file a complaint?

    That was blatant. He chased the guy out of the building, quite literally.

    Freakin’ scary, man.

  2. tby says:

    Lauderhill. Home, sweet home. I’ve been treated worse by Florida Highway Patrol.

  3. tby says:

    Oh snap, the Lauderhill cop took the news station to court. Cops have balls, you gotta give them that…


    No good news ever comes out of Lauderhill. My favorite is the MLK Day plaque thanking James Earl Ray for keeping the dream alive.


  4. RowdyRoddyPiper says:

    He took them to court to have an injunction filed to stop the airing of the story. Not ballsy, just one of the standard tools in the golf bag of PR. If they successfully get the injunction, the story is probably bottled up until it’s no longer news worthy.

    I watched the video and I thought the cop was initially not too bad. I think he could have saved himself some trouble by explaining that they didn’t have a form and that they took complaints in interview form. After a while though it became obvious that even if they did have a form this guy was going to try and intimidate the undercover out of doing anything.