Here’s all the stuff we couldn’t think of enough clever things to say about but nonetheless found interesting.

  • There was some kind of recession from 2001-2004 and people made less money? Whoa, why doesn’t anyone tell us these things?!
  • Fed vice-chair pulled out. Inflation would take a pratfall when trying to sit down… but everyone just salutes what the chairman says anyway. Learning of this, political cartoonists, sigh and crumple scribbles containing a splintery chair labeled “Ferguson,” an anthropomorphic balloon labeled “Inflation,” a man smiling (or in some cartoonist’s cases, spinning) inside his coffin labeled “Greenspan” and an oblivious “George Bush” labeled burning bush snorting cocaine off an upside-down book spine.

  • Save 10% on Single Serve Coffee Makers. Can you stack multiple coffee pods into one brewing? Otherwise, we’re not buying.

  • Sniggling advocacy group tries to hamstring Craigslist, claiming bias in housing ads, instead of dealing with the real issue: motherboards are bigoted.

  • Creative
    s Zen Vision: M

    No one say iPod killer. Nobody. Stop it.

  •, having nothing better to do and feeling sympathetic towards spammers, petitions against AOL email tax.