Short Supply: Score Some Coke, Now With New Newness!

You sell your stereo equipment, frequent the bathrooms at Kohl’s and Time Warner Center and lift bills from your grandma’s purse. The beast that is your New Coke habit demands so. It’s a tough monkey to beat off your back.

New Coke was on the market for only 79 days despite its sweeter flavor beating Pepsi in blind taste tests.

The product flopped as bottlers refused to buy the additional equipment required to carry both it and Coke Classic. Likewise, diehard Coke fans and future diabetics were outraged at this attack on their food-based identity.

These days, New Cokeheads can get their fix in the online markets.

UPDATE: Here’s some you can buy from Micronesia, pointed to us by Adreak.

New Coke is It!? Depends on what your definition of is, was.

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