New Rules Require Vermont Maple Syrup Actually be from Vermont

Vermont announced new regulations Monday to dictate stricter rules for labeling maple syrup. Sometimes Vermont tree gold is more “Vermont” than not.

Under the old guidelines, bottlers could slap Vermont on the label even if the syrup wasn
t completely from the 14th state, so long as the name appeared only in the bottom third of the label.

It was discovered that people looking at a maple syrup label with a company name with Vermont in it on lower part of label thought that was Vermont maple syrup,” said Henry Marckres, Vermont
s chief of consumer protection.

One affected bottler, Maple Grove of Vermont, may have to either devise a new logo or list the origins on its bottle. That would make for a difficult read as it purchases syrup in Canada, New Hampshire, Maine, New York and Vermont.

Steve Jones, general manager for Maple Grove is concerned about the adverse affect on his marketing. “Most people, as long as it has sufficient contact with Vermont,” he said, “they consider it Vermont syrup. They don’t care where the tree is.”

Tell us, do you like your Vermont syrup from Vermont or are you fine with a cocktail? Also, we know there
s more stuff like this where products aren’t from where they say they are, let us know your favorites. Bear in mind that your responses need to be better than ‘french fries don
t come from France.’ Everyone knows those fried taters come from freedom.

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