Cloaked Client Behind Pherotones Revealed

ve got the skinny on
and unfortunately, it
s not that there really are ring tones that made people hanker to park their cellphone in your charger cradle. You may have seen the campaign wheat pasted all over our struggling, chaste, sister blog Gawker and on several high-draw blogs in the past weeks. The pale blue banners, with a patina of direct-marketing, lead viewers to a strange microsite wrapped around the discoveries by
Dr. Vanderhood.
Fake BoingBoing interviews and declarations of Proof Found! complete with video followed, carefully throttled out by, as the adbloggers quickly gleaned, ad agency McKinney Silver in a viral marketing effort for an undisclosed client.

Today, Adrants announced some HTML snooping unearthed that Oasys, a provider of hot babe wallpapers, top40 ringtones and the like for mobiles, was the secret client.

Mystery solved, though it’s suspicious the info, originally posted in late January, only bubbled up today. February 14th was strongly positioned this year as a great day to get a new cellphone for your valentine.

[via Adrants]


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  1. SamC says:

    Okay, I think that the whole gawker advertising scheme blows goats. Pheretones is probably the prime example of this.

    Having a couple crappy ads on your site makes me think less of the other advertisements, and less likely to click them. (which means less money for you.)

    Gawker shows pheretone ads.
    Pheretone ads are obviously shit.
    Gawker shows other ads…
    Therefore, other ads are likely to be crap too.

    Seriously, get someone to reconsider the current ad strategy. Show me better ads, and I’ll be more likely to click them.

    And, notice the irony of bad ads here – Isn’t this a site meant to discuss bad treatment of consumers?


  2. airship says:

    And note the ad on the side here to encourage advertisers to spend their money on Gawker: “Young , Rich, Brilliant, Influential, and Skinny – Readers for Sale”. As I am only one of these (guess which one?) I am offended, and I have to wonder if advertisers will really be getting the audience they think they are. I’m certainly not going to be investing in any ‘Pherotones’ any time soon…

  3. RedSeven says:

    I love the pheretones ads!
    They’re a good reminder of the struggle that ad execs fight daily against reality.

  4. Paradise says:

    I have some advice for airship:

    Young – start a religion/cult centered around botox
    Rich – start a religion/cult
    Brilliant – start a religion/cult
    Influential – start a religion/cult
    Skinny – eat the pork rinds non-fatty!