Pith & Vinegar: Special Questions Edition

• Defrauding telcos can turn your fat ass into Jose McPimpmasterFlex? [NYT]
• Billy Bragg removes songs from Myspace because Murdoch owns the rights to your comments. Should we send shemale porn now? [The Register]
• Stop the presses, Vegas judges can be bought? [LAT]
• The aisles of New York Duane Reed are filled with the media elite? [Gawker]
• If you’re unhappy that your puppy died, should you beat the dog’s breeder over the head with the pooch’s corspe? [FoxNews]
• Can we make perfume advertising any more annoying? (Hint: the answer is yes). [Adpulp]
• Are asking questions a copout from doing hardcore blogging? [The Consumerist]

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