Morning Deals Round Up

• The remnants of yesterday’s Woot! Off continue, currently showing an iRobot Roomba Sage with Convenience Pack for $155. (Not a great deal for that model.)

• The Semi-Annual Amazon Friday Sale is back, with deals on Medline Protection Plus Briefs, Medium/Large. Party on, brah!

• See Also: Staples Friday Sale, J&R Friday Sale. I had a dream last night where Noah Shachtman had gotten a load of rubbery Columbia-brand coats as contraband on a trip to Iraq and was storing them inside an Italian mobster’s impregnable metal vault in Midtown Manhattan. That would have been a good Friday sale. They were only $10 apiece.

• Jedi-haven has a Refurb 30GB iPod Video for $234 plus a couple bucks shipping. A fine price. [via DealNews]

• Or say ‘iPods are for emo fans’ and go with the SnapSights H20 Man 512MB Waterproof MP3 player. It’s only $70 at, plus a $10-off coupon code GEEK20MAN. Sure 512MB is super-skimpy these days, but waterproof stuff is always three-to-four times as much as stuff you can’t wear in the pool.

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  1. any such name says:

    i don’t know what you’re talking about re woot/roomba. i ordered it last week, and have used it twice this week and its worth every penny.
    though i can’t say i’d pay more than $155 for it…

  2. kostia says:

    Totally agree with the first comment. The Sage model (4105) doesn’t come with all the stuff the model on Woot (4110) did. You can’t put together that package for $149 and ship it for five bucks. The Woot forums were full of this argument.

    I bought it (can you tell) and love it to death. Totally worth the (great) price.