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Mint St. Patrick’s Day Milk Goes National With TruMoo

Do you enjoy drinking milk, but think that it simply isn’t green or sugary enough? Following in the deeply disturbing footsteps of orange milk and jellybean milk comes “mint vanilla” flavored milk from TruMoo, a brand that started as a low-fat version of chocolate milk. Why mint? The milk is green, for St. Patrick’s Day, so it’s mint-flavored. It’s like a melted Shamrock Shake. [More]

Orange-Flavored Halloween Milk Exists, Is Terrifying

Orange-Flavored Halloween Milk Exists, Is Terrifying

There is one good thing that we can say about TruMoo’s holiday-themed flavored milks, and that is that they don’t have any high fructose corn syrup. Also, while the orange milk is orange-colored and Halloween-themed, it is not pumpkin spice flavored. After that, we’re pretty much out of nice things to say about it. [More]