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New Hampshire State Police

Strapping Dressers, Bookshelves, Lamps, Cleaning Supplies, A TV, & A Bike To Your Minivan Will Probably Get You Pulled Over

Just because you can arrange every item you own into a patchwork rooftop tower of furniture, household items, cleaning supplies, blankets, and bungee doesn’t mean it’s a good idea. The best you can say about it is that your efforts will make for a good photo when the police pull you over. [More]


Police Using GPS ‘Darts’ To Track Suspects, Prevent Dangerous High-Speed Chases

It sounds like something straight out of a movie: A suspect’s vehicle blows past a police car, tires screeching as it speeds away. But instead of hitting the gas and starting a high-speed chase that could endanger everyone involved — including innocent bystanders — police in one Colorado city can now fire GPS tracking “darts” at fleeing vehicles. [More]

Adam Fagen

Smartphones May Be Behind Unprecedented Rise In Pedestrian Deaths

Despite increased consumer awareness of safety and a growing number of cars on the road with crash-avoidance technology, pedestrian deaths in the U.S. are at their highest level in 20 years. One reason for the increase: Smartphones. [More]

Knoxville News Sentinel

DOT Apologizes For Billing Dead Teen $3K For Highway Guardrail

State officials in Tennessee have apologized to the family of a dead teenager after sending a bill in her name for $3,000 in damages her car caused to the guardrail that some — including her family — blame for the young woman’s death. [More]


Uber Admits Its Self-Driving Cars Have A Problem Handling Bike Lanes

The rules of the road don’t just cover cars — there are conveyances of the two-wheeled variety out there as well. Considering many human drivers don’t understand how to share the streets with bicycles, it’s somewhat unsurprising that Uber is admitting that its autonomous vehicles are having a hard time dealing with them as well. [More]

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Fort Lauderdale Asks Pedestrians To Wave Bright Orange Flags When Crossing Busy Intersection

Fort Lauderdale is putting out buckets of neon orange flags at one of its busiest intersections, asking people trying to walk across those streets to wave them and warn drivers away to improve traffic safety. Because there’s nothing like feeling as if you’re signaling the start of a race/surrendering every time you need to cross the street. [More]

Fake Engine Sounds Being Added To Hybrids

Fake Engine Sounds Being Added To Hybrids

By the time you get around to purchasing an electric car, the New York Times writes, you may be able choose a fake engine sound for it the way you customize your phone with ringtones. Safety experts worry that the nearly silent operation of upcoming cars mean pedestrians won’t hear them sneaking up, so they’re adding artificial engine noises—and some manufacturers are considering letting owners customize the sounds.