Adam Fagen

Smartphones May Be Behind Unprecedented Rise In Pedestrian Deaths

Despite increased consumer awareness of safety and a growing number of cars on the road with crash-avoidance technology, pedestrian deaths in the U.S. are at their highest level in 20 years. One reason for the increase: Smartphones. [More]


Hey Kids, Let’s Not Trick-Or-Treat In This Completely Black Bodysuit

If there’s one problem with kids, it’s that cars can easily see them and avoid hitting them, especially at night. Wait. That’s wrong. Kids are small and easily overlooked when crossing streets, and never more so than when cloaked completely in black on a dark Halloween night. [More]


City In China Introduces Slow Lane For Texting Pedestrians

As annoying as it is to walk behind someone blindly stumbling forward while texting on their mobile device, the very idea of a slow lane designated just for that bumbling purpose might very well be even more annoying. But that’s kind of the point of a new texting lane one city in China introduced recently. [More]

Painting Your Own Crosswalk Is Probably Not A Good Idea

Painting Your Own Crosswalk Is Probably Not A Good Idea

If you feel the intersection by your house is dangerous for pedestrians, you may want to take your case to the authorities, or get the story out there to the local media. What you don’t want to do is take matters into your own hands and paint a crosswalk by yourself… because you’ll probably get in trouble. [More]

Fake Engine Sounds Being Added To Hybrids

Fake Engine Sounds Being Added To Hybrids

By the time you get around to purchasing an electric car, the New York Times writes, you may be able choose a fake engine sound for it the way you customize your phone with ringtones. Safety experts worry that the nearly silent operation of upcoming cars mean pedestrians won’t hear them sneaking up, so they’re adding artificial engine noises—and some manufacturers are considering letting owners customize the sounds.