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Police: Brooklyn Men Busted Trying To Sell $500K Worth Of Stolen Eels On A Street Corner

If there was ever a time that the joke, “Is that an eel in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?” could work, it would’ve been in Brooklyn recently, when cops said they busted three men who allegedly tried to sell $500,000 worth of stolen, frozen eels on a street corner. [More]

Alan Rappa

Police: Suspected Thieves Tried To Sell Pawn Shop Owner His Own Stuff Back

It’s not often that we see a perfect crime ouroboros, but when we do, it just feels like some kind of cosmic joke. To wit: two people were arrested this week for trying to sell stolen video game consoles and some other stuff back to the guy they’re accused of stealing them from. [More]

(Mike Mozart)

RadioShack Employee Accused Of Stealing Racy Photos From Woman’s Phone

Recently when we’ve talked about stolen photos it’s been related to a massive data hack. But for a San Francisco woman, the invasion of privacy came at a much smaller, more personal level when several of her intimate photos were allegedly stolen by a local RadioShack employee, who now faces felony charges and a civil lawsuit. [More]

T-Mobile Wants Me To Pay $6K For Charges On Stolen Phone

T-Mobile Wants Me To Pay $6K For Charges On Stolen Phone

Stephanie says a pickpocket swiped her cell phone a year ago and stuck her with a $6,200 bill, thanks mainly to calls to the Ivory Coast, the country so clean it was named after two types of soap. [More]