RadioShack Employee Accused Of Stealing Racy Photos From Woman’s Phone

Recently when we’ve talked about stolen photos it’s been related to a massive data hack. But for a San Francisco woman, the invasion of privacy came at a much smaller, more personal level when several of her intimate photos were allegedly stolen by a local RadioShack employee, who now faces felony charges and a civil lawsuit.

The San Jose Mercury New reports that a 24-year-old man was scheduled to be arraigned Monday after being charged with allegedly stealing racy personal photos off a customer’s cellphone.

Local police say the 28-year-old woman brought her phone to a local RadioShack store in November to have the broken glass repaired.

The woman didn’t notice anything was amiss until earlier this month when she began deleting photos from her tablet, which is connected to her cellphone through iCloud. At that time, she realized that 17 of her photos had been texted to an unfamiliar phone number.

According to the civil lawsuit against the man and RadioShack, the photographs in question were of a private and sensitive nature and depicted the woman wearing little or no clothing.

Upon realizing her photos had been compromised the woman contacted local authorities, who identified the employee who handled the woman’s phone repair.

“He basically admitted to stealing these photographs and sending them to himself,” authorities tell the Mercury News.

The man was subsequently charged with stealing computer data and a related misdemeanor. He is no longer employed at RadioShack.

RadioShack did not return the Mercury New’s request for comment regarding the lawsuit, which seeks unspecified damages on allegations of privacy intrusion and negligence.

Ex-worker at Marin Radio Shack accused of stealing spicy photos from woman’s cellphone [San Jose Mercury News]

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