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SpaceX Planning To Send Tourists On A Trip Around The Moon In 2018

Who knew all you’d have to do to get a lift into space is ask Elon Musk for a ride? ride? The CEO of SpaceX (and Tesla) says two private citizens approached the company — ostensibly wearing trench coats and carrying suitcases of cash — and asked to go on a trip around the moon. He’s planning to take them there in 2018. [More]

Virgin Galactic

Virgin Galactic Will Resume Flight Tests Of Its Commercial Spacecraft Next Month

Two years after a fatal accident that killed one person, Virgin Galactic is preparing to resume testing of its rocket plane designed to take tourists into space. [More]


Virgin Galactic Introducing New Version Of Space Tourism Rocket Plane For Its Return To Testing

It’s been two years since Virgin Galactic has been able to test its rocket plane designed to carry tourists to space, after a 2014 accident that destroyed the original aircraft and killed one of its pilots. Richard Branson’s company is ready to take to the skies again and return to testing with a new version of the rocket plane. [More]


Company Says It’s Successfully Tested A Space-Tourism Balloon That Floats 20 Miles Above Earth

Maybe you don’t have $200,000 to climb aboard one of Virgin Galactic’s planned space tourism flights in the future, or maybe you’d prefer to float over the Earth like Dorothy in a balloon. That’s the goal of one company, which says it’s successfully tested its space-tourism balloon. [More]

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Apply Now For A Free Trip To Mars If You Don’t Mind Never Coming Back To Earth

We’ve often wished we could ship reality TV stars out to space and never have to deal with their self-important squabbling and petty attempts at fame, but a new, somewhat odd proposition by a nonprofit organization could make that somewhat of a reality. The group of scientists and entrepreneurs at Mars One said it’s opened up the application process for a commercially sponsored one-way mission to Mars as part of a venture that will (sigh) also include a reality TV program. [More]

Got $50 Million For A Vacation? Space Tourism Is For You

Got $50 Million For A Vacation? Space Tourism Is For You

It’s 2011 and we still don’t have flying cars yet. But by next year, a lot of ordinary folks will be able to catch a flight to space and see the stars, say experts. [More]