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Virgin Galactic Introducing New Version Of Space Tourism Rocket Plane For Its Return To Testing

It’s been two years since Virgin Galactic has been able to test its rocket plane designed to carry tourists to space, after a 2014 accident that destroyed the original aircraft and killed one of its pilots. Richard Branson’s company is ready to take to the skies again and return to testing with a new version of the rocket plane. [More]

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The Guy Who Started Tesla Wants To Shoot The Internet To You From Space

Elon Musk is kind of becoming 2015’s mad billionaire genius. Not only does he run a very successful electric luxury car company that has jumped into the electricity business, but also he has a space company, SpaceX. For the last decade, SpaceX has been working with NASA to send things (and eventually people) to the International Space Station. Now, it appears that SpaceX has a plan in mind to become a global broadband provider. [More]