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Is Uber Testing Self-Driving Trucks Without Authorization?

The California Department of Motor Vehicles, which previously shut down Uber’s self-driving car program in the state, is now looking into whether the ride-hailing company may have broken the law by testing autonomous trucks without approval. [More]


Google’s Waymo Now Offering Self-Driving Car Rides To The Public

Google’s Waymo is taking another step toward its driverless car future in Arizona, where the company is now accepting applications for a new program that gives regular people access to its fleet of self-driving minivans. [More]


You Can Now Hail A Self-Driving Uber In San Francisco

If you want to hail a ride in San Francisco, but don’t want to deal with that pesky “talking to the driver” thing, Uber has good news for you. The ridesharing service has expanded its fleet of autonomous vehicles-for-hire to its home market. [More]

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Hacker’s Company Handing Out Code That Can Turn Any Car Into A Self-Driving Vehicle

Does making a product free mean you don’t have to answer to authorities who might come knocking later? One experienced hacker seems to think his startup can avoid liability while giving away code for a software kit to convert cars into self-driving vehicles. [More]

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Lyft Exec: “Majority” Of Company’s Rides Will Be In Self-Driving Cars Within 5 Years

Uber might be the ride-sharing company with autonomous vehicles already out on the roads (at least in Pittsburgh), but it definitely won’t be alone forever. Lyft’s co-founder and president laid out his vision for the future this week, predicting that the “majority” of the company’s rides will be in self-driving vehicles within the next five years. [More]


Uber’s Self-Driving Pickups Start Today In Pittsburgh

The next time Pittsburgh residents hail an Uber, they could have a new option: the company is kicking off its self-driving car pickup service in the city today. [More]


GM Testing Self-Driving Chevy Bolts In Arizona

It’s only been five months since General Motors announced it would acquire self-driving car startup Cruise Automation, but the new partnership is already working to expand its tests of autonomous Chevy Bolts from San Francisco to Arizona.  [More]

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NHTSA: Self-Driving Cars Need To Be Twice As Safe In Order To Reduce Traffic Deaths

Proponents of self-driving vehicles claim the new technology will decrease the number of crashes occurring on the roadways, thereby reducing the number of driver and pedestrian deaths. But for that to happen, regulators say the new industry must take significant steps to improve autonomous vehicle safety.  [More]


Volvo Heading To China To Test 100 Self-Driving Cars

Volvo is making moves in the world of autonomous vehicles, with a newly announced plan to experiment with driverless technology in China using real people as test drivers. [More]

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General Motors Acquires Self-Driving Car Startup

Two months after General Motors unveiled a $500 million investment in Lyft, the mustachioed ride-hailing service, with the hopes of one day providing the masses with rides in a self-driving fleet, the carmaker has taken a step that might help it realize that goal: acquiring self-driving vehicle startup Cruise Automation.  [More]


Google’s Self-Driving Car Involved In Collision Resulting In Injuries For First Time

Google’s self-driving prototypes have been tooling around on real roads for some time now, and like cars that are driven by people, they’ve had a few bumps and traffic incidents, but no one has gotten hurt. That’s all changed now, as the company reports one of its driverless vehicles has been involved in an accident that involved injuries for the first time. [More]

Self-Driving Cars From Rival Companies Have A Close Call In California Traffic

Self-Driving Cars From Rival Companies Have A Close Call In California Traffic

UPDATE: A spokeswoman for Delphi who was also in the car at the time of the previously reported “near miss” between her company’s car and a Google prototype says things didn’t go down quite like the story made it seem. [More]


Google’s Self-Driving Cars Involved In Minor Accidents

Google, one of a handful of companies with permits to test self-driving vehicles in California, has 23 such cars roaming the streets there. But in just the few months since obtaining those permits, three of those Google vehicles have been involved in traffic accidents. [More]

Self-Driving Semi Trucks Hit The Highway For Testing In Nevada

Self-Driving Semi Trucks Hit The Highway For Testing In Nevada

Maybe you’ve gotten used to the idea of seeing driverless vehicles perhaps one day casually cruising alongside your car on the highway with no one paying attention behind the wheel, but semi-trucks, well that’s a much different — and bigger — thing to get used to. [More]