Volvo Heading To China To Test 100 Self-Driving Cars

Image courtesy of frankieleon

Volvo is making moves in the world of autonomous vehicles, with a newly announced plan to experiment with driverless technology in China using real people as test drivers.

The company says it may deploy up to 100 cars and have local drivers testing them on public roads in everyday conditions, reports Reuters. The tests will be limited to driving situations like on express roads and highways.

Unlike other prototypes out there, the self-driving vehicles will be like normal cars that can alert drivers to the chance for autopilot mode, such as on freeways or in areas like gated neighborhoods and industrial parks.

“I think we need to build up (consumer) trust in the technology,” Chief Executive Hakan Samuelsson told Reuters. “So you have to bring it out and demonstrate it.”

The company is now scouting for a city that has laws that allow for such tests, and have ideal infrastructure.

“It has to be a big city where there are lots of consumers… wasting an hour a day in the cars (sitting in traffic),” Samuelsson said. “That’s I think realistically where this function can be sold commercially.”

It’s unclear when the tests will happen, but it will be similar to Volvo’s other testing program in Gothenburg, Sweden that’s slated to begin next year.

Volvo plans to test up to 100 self-driving cars in China experiment [Reuters]

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