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Hacker’s Company Handing Out Code That Can Turn Any Car Into A Self-Driving Vehicle

Does making a product free mean you don’t have to answer to authorities who might come knocking later? One experienced hacker seems to think his startup can avoid liability while giving away code for a software kit to convert cars into self-driving vehicles. [More]


Amazon Using Merchants’ Warehouse Space So It Can Ship More Prime Orders, Faster

What’s an e-commerce giant supposed to do when it needs more warehouse space? If you’re Amazon, you just ask the merchants whose stuff you’re selling to share, by offering to let them slap Prime labels on their products. [More]

Chase Takes Its Time Looking Into How Woman Received Envelope Full Of Strangers' Account Info

It’s a good thing not everyone wants to steal identities or drain strangers’ bank accounts, because that could’ve been a likely outcome when Chase mailed the account information for three of its customers to a woman in Illinois. She was surprised to get that envelope, to say the least. [More]