Man Behind $31 Million Mortgage Telemarketing Scam Sentenced To 16 Years In Prison

Tara Chavez

A California man has been sentenced to 16 years in federal prison for his part in what prosecutors believe is the largest mortgage modification scam in history, defrauding victims out of $31 million. [More]


Man Accused Of Using Phone Dating Services To Scam Women… Again

A New Jersey man who was previously convicted of using telephone dating services to scam women out of hundreds of thousands of dollars has been accused of doing pretty much the same thing while he was on probation for the first scheme. [More]

Ron Dauphin

Ohio Psychic Accused Of Swindling Clients Out Of $1.5M In Cash, Gift Cards

An Ohio woman who called herself a psychic apparently didn’t see a criminal indictment with more than two dozen charges attached to it in the stars. She stands accused of convincing clients to fork over about $1.5 million in cash, gift cards, jewelry, and cars. [More]

2 Men Accused Of Using ATM Skimmer To Take $500K From US Bank Customers

2 Men Accused Of Using ATM Skimmer To Take $500K From US Bank Customers

If you’re hitting the road this holiday weekend, you might find yourself visiting some unfamiliar gas stations, ATMs, or kiosks that accept credit cards. The recent arrest in California of two men who are accused of draining $500,000 from US Bank customers’ accounts should remind people across the country and all over the world: be careful where you swipe your debit card, and be protective of your PIN. [More]

Mike Mozart

Let’s Review: You Will Never Have To Send $6K In iTunes Gift Cards To The IRS

When you owe money to the Internal Revenue Service, they don’t call you up. Instead, they send letters through the mail. Yet people send thousands of dollars every day to scammers in faraway call centers who claim to represent the federal government. If you don’t know that the call is a scam, it can be super scary to be threatened with seven years in prison over the phone. [More]

Walmart Worker Turns Herself In To Police After Accepting $1,000 In Movie Prop Cash

Walmart Worker Turns Herself In To Police After Accepting $1,000 In Movie Prop Cash

When a movie or TV show needs stacks of cash for a scene, they don’t usually withdraw millions from the bank and hope no one walks away with it. Instead, they use prop money that will pass for the real thing on camera, but that any cashier with eyes would immediately notice is fake. So when some Walmart shoppers in Georgia managed to buy $1,000 of stuff with fake movie money, police were suspicious about the cashier’s involvement. [More]


Man Accused Of Stealing Thousands Of Dollars From Women He Met Online

There might be plenty of fish in the sea for daters to choose from, but there are a few that if caught, should probably be thrown right back. For example, a man accused of stealing thousands of dollars from women he met and wooed online. [More]


Theater Producer Accused Of Scamming Investors Out Of $165K For Fake Broadway Play

It sounds like something out of a Broadway musical: a producer approaches investors, hyping a fantastic, inspirational show about a famous opera singer, starring a famous actress. Only this was real life, with a real person accused of scamming seven people out of $165,000. [More]


Wine Shop Owner Admits Scamming Customers Out Of $45M In Ponzi Scheme

Though the words “Ponzi scheme” may conjure images of Bernie Madoff ripping off big investment funds, the scam can come in many shapes in sizes… or liquids, as a case out of California involving a wine shop owner accused of stealing $45 million in undelivered products shows.



As Floods Ravage Louisiana, Here’s How To Avoid Home Repair & Charity Scams

As you have no doubt already heard, flood waters are wreaking havoc in Louisiana, displacing many thousands of residents and doing untold damage to their homes. When the waters eventually recede and people return home, there will inevitably be scammers ready to take advantage of their situation; just as there will be bogus charities and other fraudsters waiting to cash in on the good will of other Americans. [More]


AT&T Penalized $7.75 Million For Allowing Scammers To Charge Bogus “Directory Assistance Service” Fees

Nearly two years after AT&T was hit with a $105 million settlement over bill-cramming — the practice of letting third parties place questionable or false charges on customers’ phone bills — the Federal Communications Commission says the company has agreed to pay another $7.5 million to close the book on additional cramming accusations involving a bogus directory assistance service. [More]

Mike Mozart

The IRS And The Cops Do Not Really Take Payment In iTunes Gift Cards Over The Phone

It’s easy to say that you’d never fall for a phone scam: everyone who really has fallen for a scam probably would have said the same thing before it happened to them. Yet one way to protect people from scams is to spread a very simple message among the people you know and love who are less savvy about the Internet and about scams than you are. Tell them that no matter what anyone on the phone says, neither jails nor the IRS accepts iTunes gift cards as a form of payment. [More]

Best-Selling Author & Convicted Liar Kevin Trudeau Makes Pitch To Supreme Court

Best-Selling Author & Convicted Liar Kevin Trudeau Makes Pitch To Supreme Court

Two years after being sentenced to a decade in federal prison for repeatedly defrauding American consumers, best-selling liar Kevin Trudeau is hoping that the U.S. Supreme Court will take a different view of his case than all of the previous courts. [More]

Retailer That Overcharged, Sued Servicemembers Makes Deal To Settle State Lawsuit

Retailer That Overcharged, Sued Servicemembers Makes Deal To Settle State Lawsuit

USA Discounters, the not-at-all discount retailer that went bankrupt last year amid accusations of running a financing scam on customers, is looking to close at least one state investigations with a proposal that would provide a bit of relief to some customers sued by USA Discounters. [More]

Buddhist Council of New York

Buddhist Leaders Telling NYC Tourists To Beware Fake Monks Who Solicit Donations

Just because someone is dressed like the kind of person you may trust, you should always know exactly who it is you’re handing your money to. That’s the warning Buddhist leaders are issuing to tourists visiting New York City, telling them to watch out for fake monks who are pushing people into giving them donations for temples that don’t exist. [More]


Supreme Court Deadlock On Immigration Puts Immigrants At Increased Risk For Fraud, Deportation

Yesterday, a deadlocked U.S. Supreme Court stymied the White House’s hopes to enact large-scale immigration reforms that would have allowed millions of immigrants to remain in the country. While this lack of a decision doesn’t necessarily mean the end of the program, it will inevitably create confusion for those directly affected by the case, while fostering a breeding ground for fraudsters seeking to take advantage of immigrants uncertain of their status.  [More]

$6.3 Million In Refunds Going Out To Buyers Of Book Written By Convicted Liar Kevin Trudeau

$6.3 Million In Refunds Going Out To Buyers Of Book Written By Convicted Liar Kevin Trudeau

More than two years after “author,” infomercial pitchman, and professional liar Kevin Trudeau was sentenced to 10 years in prison for repeatedly making bogus weight-loss claims about his book The Weight Loss Cure “They” Don’t Want You to Know About, some of the hundreds of thousands of people conned into buying the book will be getting their money back. [More]

Laura Nawrocik

Tech Support Scammer Must Surrender Assets, Banned From Running Tech Support Companies

The company name “OMG Tech Help” is so great and so evocative, it’s really a shame that a tech support scam operation used it. That’s one of the brands that a company out of Florida used for a phony tech support scheme that the state of Florida and the Federal Trade Commission busted up in 2014. Now the company has been ordered to surrender the assets that it has left, and its owner can’t run any tech support businesses. [More]