The Latest Powerball Winner Is Not Trying To Be Your Facebook Friend Or Give You Money

You’re probably a really nice person. However, that doesn’t mean that the winner of last week’s record Powerball multi-state lottery jackpot wants to be your pal on social media, or wants to give you money. Profiles that impersonate the real winner and promise to give money away to her followers are not real.

When you win a record jackpot, you can do whatever you want with it, even if that inlcudes creating a Twitter account and giving it away to your followers. However, police in the winner’s hometown of Chicopee, MA, say that any accounts you might see are impostors.

Instead, police put out word warning people to stay away from those social media accounts and not to give them any personal information. The Chicopee police are also stepping up patrols around the winner’s home after reports of people other than reporters lurking around.

The sole winner took home $336.3 million after taxes, the largest Powerball prize that hasn’t been divided among multiple winners. She retired from her job at a hospital last week, and did not announce plans to give away her wealth to social media followers at her press conference.

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