Offering Beer & Cigarettes As Unusual Reward For Lost Dog Brings Woman’s Pet Home

Surely passers-by are familiar with LOST fliers seeking the safe return of a beloved pet. It’s not uncommon for these posts to advertise a monetary reward for wayward dogs and cats, but one dog owner found success dangling a different kind of bait: Beer and cigarettes for the safe return of her pooch.

The 23-year-old Dayton, Ohio woman (full disclosure: Dayton is my college town and I will love it forever) put a flier in a local grocery store offering up a case of beer and pack of cigarettes for her dog, reports the Dayton Daily News, and it worked.

Zoro came home 10 days after he’d escaped from her yard, along with her other pup. She’d had luck finding the other dog at a local shelter, but was still missing Zoro when she got a line on Zoro from a frequent customer at the sub shop where she works.

That customer said he’d seen people walking a dog they’d found and intended to keep it, so when he saw the flier he thought it could be her dog. The descriptions matched, and she found Zoro at the home described by her customer.

She explains that she offered the booze and smokes reward because it was something she could afford, and figured it would stand out as unusual among other kinds of traditional rewards. It’s a smart play — how many fliers have you seen offering up beer and cigs for a dog? Exactly.

But since the Good Samaritan has refused to accept it, she says she’ll instead treat him to free food at the sub shop. All’s well that ends with a happy reunion under one woof. I mean roof. Yay, safely returned pets!

Case of beer and cigarettes offered for return of Dayton dog [Dayton Daily News]

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