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Why Are Roaches So Obsessed With The PlayStation 4?

If you haven’t experienced the problem yourself, you may not know that Sony’s PlayStation 4 is a magnet for cockroaches. While the presence of bugs is enough to make Sony refuse to work on your console, independent repair shops have the process of debugging a PS4 down. (Note: There are no pictures of roaches in this post, but we do discuss them.) [More]

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Sony Adding (Some) PS4 Games To PlayStation Now Streaming Library

A few weeks after Microsoft announced it would offer a new monthly subscription that includes access to downloadable Xbox games, rival Sony says it’s expanding its PlayStation Now library to include some PlayStation 4 titles. [More]

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[Update] Sony’s Fall Plans: Two New PS4 Versions, Price Hike For PlayStation Plus

Ah, September: time for the kids to head back to school, the air to get a little crisper, and the tech companies to get all their stuff launched so folks can plan to get it before the many-months-long Holiday cycle hits in earnest. And reports say that Sony’s planning not just one but two new PlayStation models for store shelves this year as days shorten. [More]

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Sony Confirms It Will Sell A More Powerful PlayStation 4, Codenamed “Neo”

If you’ve been waiting breathlessly for a new, more powerful version of the PlayStation 4, take a breath, already: it’s coming, but it won’t be arriving quite as soon as some rumors predicted. [More]

9-Year-Old Opens PS4 Box On Christmas Morning, Finds Block Of Wood

9-Year-Old Opens PS4 Box On Christmas Morning, Finds Block Of Wood

Christmas morning is a time for family togetherness, enjoying the delighted faces of children, and surprising loved ones with thoughtful gifts. Unfortunately, wrapping gifts and putting them under the tree until the recipient opens the box means risking a retail hazard: boxes of expensive electronics that contain notepads, bricks, picture frames, or mirrors. This is disturbingly common, and happened to a family in Massachusetts this Christmas. [More]

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Don’t Expect To Play Your PS3 Games On A PS4 Anytime Soon

Owners of Sony’s PlayStation 4 hoping the company would follow in Microsoft’s footsteps and add backwards compatibility to allow PS3 games to be played on the newer console shouldn’t hold their breath, as executives for the electronics company say they have no immediate plans to implement the technology. [More]

Levi finally gave up hope and took apart his PS4 searching for bugs and dust.

Sony Says My PS4 Is Too Infested With Bugs And Dust To Fix Under Warranty, Won’t Offer Proof

There’s a certain sense of relief provided by a warranty — when your product stops working, you can just send it in for repairs or sometimes receive a new one to replace it. But Consumerist reader Levi says he found himself out of luck after his PlayStation 4 gave him the “blue light of death,” despite the fact that it was under warranty. [More]

The Sony demo of PS Now at CES in Jan. 2014.

Hands-On Impressions And More Details On Sony’s PlayStation Now

As we mentioned earlier today, Sony CEO Kaz Hirai kicked off CES by announcing PlayStation Now, a cloud-based service that will allow PlayStation 4 users — and users of other select devices — to play PS3 and PS2 games that currently don’t run on the PS4. This afternoon, we were able to get our hands on the service and find out some more details about how it works. [More]

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Sony Wants You Not To Need A PlayStation To Play Their PlayStation Games

The PlayStation 4 launched in November and so far has sold and performed well for Sony. One thing it doesn’t have, though, is backwards compatibility. The PS3 was out for seven years before that, and the PlayStation 2 before it sold over 150 million units worldwide. That’s a lot of old video games that don’t run on your shiny new system. [More]

My retail value is $399 but you want me, don't you? You do.

Yeah, People Are Doing That Thing Where They Pay Too Much For New Gaming Consoles On Ebay

As the sun does rise in the east and set in the west, people who didn’t pre-order are destined to panic and consider paying too much on eBay for the newest video game console. This time it’s the Sony PS4 whose disappearance from retailers both online and bricks-and-mortar has resulted in a slew of overpriced consoles popping up on eBay. [More]

Home Depot Denies Rumor Of PlayStation 4 Kiosks

Home Depot Denies Rumor Of PlayStation 4 Kiosks

Considering that gaming consoles do a lot more than just let you play games and that bricks and mortar retailers are increasingly looking to rent out floorspace to cut costs and maybe improve foot traffic, it doesn’t seem beyond the realm of possibility that Sony would be setting up PlayStation 4 demo kiosks in Home Depot. But it just isn’t so, says the home improvement chain. [More]

Foxconn Admits To Working Unpaid Student Interns Overtime To Push Out PS4

Foxconn Admits To Working Unpaid Student Interns Overtime To Push Out PS4

Foxconn, the world’s largest electronics manufacturing firm, is at the center of controversy once again after admitting to pushing student interns to work overtime in advance of the release of the upcoming Sony PlayStation 4 gaming console. [More]

As Expected, Sony Backtracks A Bit On Restriction-Free Games For PS4

As Expected, Sony Backtracks A Bit On Restriction-Free Games For PS4

Last night, Sony delivered a mammoth kick to Microsoft’s rear-end when it announced that the upcoming PS4 would not put any restrictions on how users share games for the new console. But this is obviously too good to be true 100% of the time, and now Sony is having to clarify what it meant. [More]

Never saw this name coming.

Sony Announces New Game Console And It’s Called… The PlayStation 4

UPDATE: The press conference finally ended just after 8 p.m., with the revelation that the PS4 will be released “Holiday 2013.” No images of the actual console and alas, no pricing info. Dang. [More]