Buying An iPad From Some Guy At A Gas Station Isn’t Such A Good Idea

Image courtesy of (stevelyon)

If some random person pulls up to you at a gas station and asks you if you’d like to buy an iPad for $200, go with your gut instinct. Unless your gut instinct tells you that this sounds like a really great idea. It isn’t. A Texas woman did just that. Now she’s stuck with an iPad that only lets her do one thing: have one-sided FaceTime conversations. Because it’s a mirror.

She told TV reporters that the man offered a wide variety of electronics out of his car, like a rolling fraudulent Apple Store. “He pulled up beside us, and he was like, ‘Hey, I’ve got some iPads and stuff, and I’ve got some laptops if you all are interested in buying.'”

This is normally where we would offer sage consumer advice to people who find themselves in a similar predicament. There’s only one relevant piece of advice to offer here: don’t purchase your consumer electronics from strangers’ cars.

Woman Shells Out $200 For ‘iPad’ That Turns Out To Be Mirror [CBS Local]

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