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No Pizza Is Worth Crawling Through Ventilation Duct To Steal

Listen, I get it. Pizza is delicious, and you may be tempted to go to extremes to be near it. But it is not a good idea to crawl through a pizzeria’s ventilation system in an effort to burgle the restaurant that makes it. [More]

These are not the garlic knots in question. (WayTru)

Police: Pizzeria Melee Sparked By Unwanted Cheese On Garlic Knots

It’s surely an inconvenience when your food comes out with an unwanted ingredient on it, but violence is never the appropriate response if your order isn’t exactly right. Police in Daytona, FL say a group of customers at a pizzeria reacted a bit strongly when a worker allegedly put cheese on an order of garlic knots that was not supposed to include cheese. [More]


Chicken Wing Crime Exposes Pervasive, Disgusting Black Market For Meat

Yesterday, we learned about a father-and-son team of crooked cooks who teamed up to illicitly order and re-sell $41,000 worth of chicken wings from their employer’s wholesale supply accounts. Yet who buys wings from the Back of Some Dude’s Truck Meat Market? It turns out that there’s a market for ill-gotten meats, and other restaurant owners receive occasional offers of chicken or shrimp from the back of a truck. [More]


Remembering When America First Met, Fell In Love With Pizza

In The Time Before Pizza, or as I like to call it, America’s Dark Days, people didn’t have easy access to the delicious, doughy, cheese-and-tomato discs many of us love today. Those who did were mostly limited to the descendants of Italian immigrants, say wise pizza historians, until soldiers abroad in World War II discovered the mouth magic that is a good slice of pizza. [More]

Pistol Whipping Pizzeria Owner Was Ex-Mobster In Witness Protection Program

Pistol Whipping Pizzeria Owner Was Ex-Mobster In Witness Protection Program

Well, this explains that Goombah Pizzeria owner’s apparent anger management issues: he was a former hit-man who’d served prison time in 2004 after pleading guilty to 2 murders.

Pizzeria Owner Pistol Whips Customer For Complaining About Calzone

Pizzeria Owner Pistol Whips Customer For Complaining About Calzone

Joseph Milano, the owner of Goombah’s Pizza in Palm Coast, Florida—and no, we’re not making up that name—was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon after he struck a customer in the face with a gun, then leaped over the counter and began beating up the customer and his roomate. The man had ordered a takeout calzone, and was at the counter asking for a refund because he said the calzone had been prepared incorrectly. Wait, is this a theme restaurant? Update: Yeah, it sorta is: it turns out the owner is a former hitman for the mafia.