Airline Group Asks Travelers To Snap Photos Of Unending TSA Lines At Nation’s Airports

Image courtesy of quinn.anya

In an effort to add more voices to an already insistent chorus, an airline industry group has launched a campaign to enlist travelers in the fight against super long security lines at the nation’s airport.

As part of its new “I Hate the Wait” initiative (which comes with a hashtag, naturally), Airlines for America wants travelers to snap photos of interminably long, seemingly unending lines at Transportation Security Administration screening checkpoints and post them to Instagram, tagging @TSA in the process.

You could also do that on Twitter, like this:

The campaign is meant to “raise awareness of the issue and serve as crowd-sourced information,” Airlines for America spokeswoman Jean Medina said in a statement (via the Associated Press).

After getting called onto the mat by airlines, airport officials, and lawmakers for never-ending lines at airports, the TSA promised last week to employ a number of measures to cut down on those excessive wait times. That includes increasing staff at checkpoints and asking Congress for more money to pay for security officers’ overtime as well as cover “critical short-term needs.”

The airline trade group represents Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, JetBlue Airways, Hawaiian Airlines, Southwest Airlines, and United Airlines.

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