Philly Gets Comcast To Agree To Better Franchise Terms; Now Seattle Wants Them, Too

Philly Gets Comcast To Agree To Better Franchise Terms; Now Seattle Wants Them, Too

After a tense year of negotiations, the city of Philadelphia and one of its biggest corporate residents, Comcast, finally came to a new agreement over a cable franchise. The terms of the new 15-year contract are generally good news for Philadelphians, but now Comcast customers on the other side of the country are demanding that they get treated better, too.


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Restaurant Critic Rails Against “Stupid And Broken” Star-Rating System

We’ve said before that star ratings for restaurants are often arbitrary and may not be an accurate representation of the review’s content or of other diners’ standards. You might think that critics who get paid to give such ratings would defend the practice, but at least one of them has come out swinging against the stars, bells, and other dingbats he and his fellow reviewers are often compelled to use. [More]

If You Want To Use Amazon Fresh You’ll Have To Pay $299/Year For PrimeFresh First

If You Want To Use Amazon Fresh You’ll Have To Pay $299/Year For PrimeFresh First

How much are you willing to pay to have bags of fresh produce, and other grocery items delivered to your door anytime of the year? If you live in Seattle, Philadelphia, or New York, Amazon’s hoping $299/year is the magic number.  [More]

Court Okays $50M Comcast Settlement But Some Customers Won’t Even Get The $15 Bill Credit

Court Okays $50M Comcast Settlement But Some Customers Won’t Even Get The $15 Bill Credit

Eleven months after Comcast reached a $50 million deal that would close the books on a class-action lawsuit originally filed back in 2003, the settlement has been approved by a federal court. However, because the window for filing a claim has already closed, a number of the affected 800,000 customers won’t get a bill credit; just two free months of The Movie Channel. [More]


The last time a pontiff visited Philadelphia, it was 1979 and the throng of onlookers — my family included — jostled to get photos with our film cameras (only to find out days later after getting the photos printed that all we had was a motion blur of part of Pope John Paul II’s car). It will be a very different story for the expected million people who will pack Philly’s Ben Franklin Parkway on Saturday and Sunday. [More]

Philadelphia Sues, Fines Uber $300K Over Allegations Of Operating Illegally

Philadelphia Sues, Fines Uber $300K Over Allegations Of Operating Illegally

After 10 months of driving the streets in Philadelphia, Uber now faces a lawsuit and $300,000 fine for providing ride-hailing services in violation of city regulations.   [More]


Philadelphia Asks Comcast Why It’s Not Treating Its Hometown As Well As Other Cities?

Philadelphia is Comcast’s hometown. Its current skyscraper looms like a giant thumb drive over the city’s skyline and its second tower will only establish Comcast as the dominating corporate presence in Philly. And yet, when Comcast announced its first (and second, and third) markets for a new super-high-speed fiber network, it looked elsewhere. And in spite of the fact that Philadelphia is one of the poorest urban markets in the country, Comcast chose to test an expansion of its low-cost Internet Essentials program more than 1,000 miles away in Florida. With Comcast’s Philly franchise up for renewal, the city is finally asking why its supposed hometown hero is helping everyone else first. [More]

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Florida Man Spends 17 Years Challenging Debt He Never Owed In The First Place

Imagine you wake up one day to find out that you suddenly owe nearly $100,000 on a house you’ve never owned, in a city where you’ve never resided. Should be easy enough to sort that out, right? Tell that to the Florida man who has spent the better part of two decades trying to convince creditors he didn’t buy property in Philadelphia when he was 12 years old. [More]

Lawsuit Accuses Comcast Of Making 9 Months Of Robocalls To Collect On Paid Bill

Lawsuit Accuses Comcast Of Making 9 Months Of Robocalls To Collect On Paid Bill

A Philadelphia woman is suing Comcast, alleging that the hometown cable company not only spent nine months hassling her with debt collection calls but that the bill in question had already been paid. [More]

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Delaware Becomes The Only State Without Commercial Air Travel After Frontier Airlines Flies Away

While flying is often the easiest and quickest way for travelers to get from one place to another, the nearly one million residents in Delaware will have to find a different mode of transportation in their home state — unless they want to fly privately. That’s because the state’s lone commercial airline servicer quietly exited the market last week. [More]

Is Comcast Running Manipulative “Push Poll” In Response To Philly Customer Service Study?

Earlier this spring, Philadelphia released its Needs Assessment Report regarding Comcast, the city’s primary cable/broadband provider, one of its biggest employers, and the tenant of its tallest tower. The results of the survey were not good, with 99% of the written responses unfavorable to Comcast. At the time, the company said the report was innaccurate and said it would “deliver comprehensive proof” to the city. A new telephone poll being conducted on Comcast’s behalf appears to be in response to the city’s report, but some who’ve taken the survey say the questions being asked are designed to put Comcast in the best possible light. [More]

Comcast Says Customer Must Sign Non-Disclosure Agreement To Get $600 Refund

When your cable company has charged you hundreds of dollars for a cable box you returned five years ago, you’d hope that the response would be “Sorry about that. Here’s your money back,” not “We’ll give you your refund if you agree to not tell anyone about this.” [More]

Comcast Tries To Refute Philly Customer Service Study, Does About As Good A Job As You’d Expect

Yesterday, Philadelphia finally got around to releasing the results of a long-in-the-works Comcast customer service survey of city residents, and the results weren’t very favorable for the cable company. Of course, Comcast, which had more than a month to review the report before it was made public, is now trying to discredit it, saying the consultants that put it together should have asked Comcast — and not the citizens of Philadelphia — for accurate data about customer service. [More]

Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter has been a vocal supporter of Comcast and of its efforts to acquire Time Warner Cable, in spite of the company's low customer satisfaction scores and high prices in its home city.

Philadelphia Finally Releases Results Of Comcast Customer Service Survey; It’s Not Pretty

Earlier this week we told you how the city leadership here in Comcast’s hometown of Philadelphia appeared to be dragging their feet in getting around to releasing the results of 15-month-old survey of city residents about Comcast service, even though the cable company had already been shown the report. Today, the city finally got around to sharing this info with the public and it’s about as unpleasant as you’d expect. [More]


From the skyline to the mayor’s office (to the very broadband line through which this story is being published), Comcast is everywhere here in Philadelphia. But even this company town occasionally has to go through the process of reviewing and renewing its franchise agreement with said company. Unfortunately, it looks like some of Philadelphia’s top brass may be dragging its feet on this process — and ignoring the opinions of their constituents — at the same time Comcast tries to acquire Time Warner Cable. [More]

Philadelphia Uber Driver Accused Of Rape

Philadelphia Uber Driver Accused Of Rape

A woman in Philadelphia has accused a driver for ridesharing service Uber of raping her and holding her captive for hours in his car after the alleged assault. [More]

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Contractor Steals Homeowners’ Valuables, Demands Cash For Their Return

It’s certainly not unheard of to have your things stolen by workers with access to your home, but most of them don’t have the gall to justify their theft by saying the victim should pay a ransom because the thief’s boss doesn’t pay them enough. [More]

Comcast Continues To Screw Up Accounts, Even After Local News Involvement

Comcast Continues To Screw Up Accounts, Even After Local News Involvement

We’ve done seemingly countless stories in which the only reason a company paid attention to a wronged consumer was the involvement of the media. And in most cases where this happens, the customer’s problem is finally resolved, never to crop up again. But that’s not always true. [More]