Tesla Announces Software Upgrade That Allows A Car To Park Itself

(Courtesy of Consumer Reports)

(Courtesy of Consumer Reports)

As carmakers continue to push for fully autonomous vehicles that will take the hassle out of driving, Tesla Motors is taking another step in that direction with a software upgrade that will allow Model S owners to park them in a garage or perpendicular spaces without anyone behind the wheel.

Owners will be able to park from outside the car as long as the sedan is within 33 feet of a garage or narrow space, CEO Elon Musk said at a press conference on Sunday, ahead of the Detroit auto show, reports Bloomberg. Cars can also be called to the owner from the spot, though the tools remain in beta for the moment.

Drivers will be able to use the software in a few weeks, the company said, with Musk calling the move a “baby step” on the company’s way to making cars that can be driven completely without human intervention. Musk says he thinks within two years, a Tesla owner will be able to summon an electric car to drive autonomously from Los Angeles to New York.

“I might be slightly optimistic on that, but I don’t think significantly optimistic that we can do that in two years,” Musk said at the press conference, adding that it would be technically likely to have fully autonomous vehicles within 24 to 36 months.

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