Everyone Gives Facebook Their Data, But Nobody Trusts Facebook With It

Facebook is one of the biggest companies in the entire world. More than 26% of the entire population of Earth uses it, in one way or another, including roughly 230 million Americans… but it seems that the vast majority of us are aware that although we let Facebook have our data, we shouldn’t trust them with it. [More]

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Driver Ticketed After Police See Facebook Video Of Him Ignoring A Stop Sign

A man in Colorado recently received a traffic ticket for blowing through a Stop sign — not because a police officer witnessed the violation in person, but because the driver posted video of the incident on Facebook. [More]

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Police: Man Said He Showed Meijer Workers Nude Selfies Because It Cheered Him Up

We’ve all had the blues, but when you need cheering up it shouldn’t involve showing unsuspecting store workers pictures of your junk. That’s what police in Grand Rapids say one man admitted to doing, because he says it cheers him up when he’s not feeling so great. [More]


Contempt Threat Gets Facebook To Turn Over Full Info For 381 Users

While Facebook loves sharing incredibly detailed information about users’ interests and web-browsing habits with marketers, the social media network isn’t so keen on making massive amounts of user info available to prosecutors, presumably because the district attorney’s office isn’t looking to buy ads. Facebook announced last night that it’s currently fighting warrants from authorities in New York who are looking to get data on a group of 381 users. [More]

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FireMe Helps The World Discover How You Really Feel About Your Job

Do you hate your job? Do you love social media? Do you make the mistake of combining the two? If so, you may find yourself featured on FireMe, a research project that highlights public tweets from people talking $@#% about their boss and/or employment situation. [More]

Oh Look, My Friend Is Reading About Vibrators. Thanks Facebook!

Oh Look, My Friend Is Reading About Vibrators. Thanks Facebook!

If you don’t already block “social news apps” from illustrious organizations like the Washington Post, Yahoo, and The Guardian on Facebook, maybe this incident will change your mind. Facebook seems very keen for Jake to know that his female friend is reading about vibrators, but Jake would really rather not know. Really. He wouldn’t. [More]

If You Must Photograph Your Food, At Least Do It

If You Must Photograph Your Food, At Least Do It Right

Before you shoot pictures of whatever meal you’re about to devour, with plans to immediately upload it to the social networkverse, first make sure that what’s sitting in front of you is truly amazing and worthy of documentation. Once you pass that test, treat your captive audience right by making sure you’re using proper technique. [More]

Expecting Parents Can Share Their Excitement On Facebook,
But Should They?

Expecting Parents Can Share Their Excitement On Facebook, But Should They?

Last week, Facebook introduced a new feature that lets parents list themselves as “Expected: Child” in the “Friends and Family” portion of their profiles, adding in a due date and name. The feature gives expecting parents a way to share their news without the tedium of having to notify everyone they know individually, or having to set up a separate page for the baby. [More]

Site Exposes Facebook Overshares

Site Exposes Facebook Overshares

In the spirit of PleaseRobMe.com, ReasonsToHate lets users search in real time for specific phrases in public Facebook posts. [More]

One Of The "Blippy Four" Speaks Out On Credit Card Leak

One Of The "Blippy Four" Speaks Out On Credit Card Leak

It’s been a bad day for Blippy.com, the site lots of people hadn’t heard of until it managed to leak the whole credit card numbers of four users to the entire internet. Now, one of the four people whose digits are in the public domain has come forward to talk. [More]

Blippy: "We Take Security Seriously"

Blippy: "We Take Security Seriously"

After this morning’s revelation that Blippy.com — the site for people who think foursquare isn’t enough oversharing — had somehow leaked users’ credit card numbers to anyone with Google, the company wants everyone to know that the problem is not as big as it seems and, yes, they are taking it seriously. [More]