Expecting Parents Can Share Their Excitement On Facebook, But Should They?

Last week, Facebook introduced a new feature that lets parents list themselves as “Expected: Child” in the “Friends and Family” portion of their profiles, adding in a due date and name. The feature gives expecting parents a way to share their news without the tedium of having to notify everyone they know individually, or having to set up a separate page for the baby.

The ability to share the expecting status can streamline the message, but could potentially create some uncomfortable situations. For instance, someone who’s applying for jobs or angling for a promotion might want to keep such information private. Also, if the pregnancy ends due to complications, having to remove the label could add a layer of awkwardness to an already unbearable situation.

If you’re on Facebook and plan on having kids, would you use the feature?

Status update, I’m expecting a child: Mothers-to-be can now let friends know they’re pregnant on Facebook [Daily Mail via Mashable]
(Thanks, Amber!)

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