CDC Says Your Hangover Is Costing The Country Hundreds Of Billions Of Dollars

Did you tie one on last night and have a few too many whiskeys/margaritas/beers? And are you at work right now, bleary-eyed and slow, or perhaps “sick” at home with a raging hangover? Your excessive drinking habits aren’t just a drain on your body, they’re costing the American economy hundreds of billions of dollars every year, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Woman Settles Dunkin’ Donuts Hot Coffee Lawsuit For $522K

Woman Settles Dunkin’ Donuts Hot Coffee Lawsuit For $522K

As long as chains and restaurants sell hot beverages sold, we’ll probably continue to hear about lawsuits tied to accidents with hot coffee, or hot cider, or any hot liquid. To wit: in a recent hot coffee lawsuit development, a woman who claimed she fell in the parking lot of a New Jersey Dunkin’ Donuts, spilling hot coffee on her face and neck, has settled with the chain for $522,000. [More]

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EasyJet Passenger Shot With Stun Gun During Carry-On Bag Dispute Involving His “Man Purse”

There are many arguments one might have about a “man purse,” but most don’t end with police intervention: a traveler defending his right to carry the bag on a recent EasyJet flight found himself on the painful end of a stun gun when he allegedly got abusive and refused to leave the plane. [More]

The cover of the nightlight can detach, exposing its electrical insides.

IKEA Recalling 442,000 Nightlights Over Shock Risk

Ah, the nightlight: that beam of hope that cuts through the dark and soothed us when we were young and afraid. Or you know, old and also still not cool with complete blackness. In either case, you might want to check if your nightlight is one of the 442,000 IKEA is recalling after a child received a minor electrical shock when handling one. [More]

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Police: Man Punched Through Window Of Starbucks And Fell Inside, Injuring Two Customers

A coffee break turned dangerous for customers at a Houston Starbucks, when a man punched his way through a window from the outside, shattering it. Police say he then fell through it, injuring himself and two customers who were sitting inside at a table near the window. [More]

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OSHA: Ashley Furniture Failed To Report Incident In Which A Worker Lost His Finger

Going to work and doing your job shouldn’t mean worrying about bodily harm, which is why there are rules and regulations in place to ensure that employers take all the right steps to keep workers safe. The federal government says Ashley Furniture fell afoul of those rules when it failed to report an incident in which a worker lost a finger. [More]


Shirtless Guy Climbs Two Fences At San Diego Airport, Runs Onto A Runway

Though it’s no easy feat to scale a fence (at least, not easy for me), authorities at San Diego International Airport say a man managed to climb not one, but two security fences and ran onto a runway Thursday night. [More]

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Southwest Airlines Passenger Removed From Flight After Allegedly Poking Snoring Guy With A Pen

Sometimes the only way to put a stop to snoring, that involuntary yet endlessly annoying to others activity, is for the snorer to wake the heck up. But one Southwest Airlines passenger is accused of crossing the boundary between a polite tap and roaming into the land where rudeness to your fellow traveler — snoring loudly or no — means getting booted off your flight. [More]

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Putting Your Phone In Your Back Pocket May Also Be Bad For Your Butt & Back

If there’s one thing we’ve learned in the last year, it’s that some phones can bend if put under enough pressure. But in addition to possibly putting an unwanted curve or crack in that expensive telecommunications device, stashing a phone in your back pocket may result in a literal pain in the butt. [More]

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Study: Tanning Beds Responsible For Average Of 3,234 Injuries Per Year That Send People To The ER

When the weather outside is frightful and the sun is nowhere to be found in the winter months, some people might turn to an indoor tanning bed to get their glow on. But beyond the chance for cancer from the exposure to ultraviolet radiation, there’s the risk of getting burned, bumped or bruised, says a new study on tanning bed use. [More]


Lawsuit Seeks $50K For Woman Claiming She Was Burned By Flying Hot Coals At A Hookah Lounge

A woman is suing a Philadelphia hookah lounge for $50,000 claiming she was burned by hot coals after some raucous fellow patrons dancing around a stripper pole sent hot coals flying onto her chest. [More]

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Woman Sues GM Over Claims That Car’s Seat Heater Left Her With Third-Degree Burn

A 26-year-old Maine woman is suing General Motors after she claims a seat heater in one of its vehicles burned her so badly that she had to get a skin graft and was bedridden for months while she healed. [More]

Man’s Lawsuit Claims Infected Rodent From Petco Gave Him Rat-Bite Fever

Man’s Lawsuit Claims Infected Rodent From Petco Gave Him Rat-Bite Fever

Following a lawsuit earlier this year accusing Petco of selling an infected rat that led to a boy’s death, a Maine man is now suing the chain claiming he got rat-bite fever from a rat he bought at the store. [More]


Mom Claims NYPD Cops Accused Her Of Jumping Subway Fare & Pepper Sprayed Her Kids

The mom of three kids, including a two-year-old and a five-month old, has headed to court leveling some pretty serious accusations against NYPD officers. She and her family claim officers first accused her of jumping a subway fare and then pepper-sprayed her children. She’s suing the city, the NYPD and three officers in Federal Court. [More]

Lowe’s Shopper Injured When Bullet Explodes In Purse

Lowe’s Shopper Injured When Bullet Explodes In Purse

You hear of people who handle guns improperly and end up worse for wear, but it’s not every day you read about a person injured by a bullet that is nowhere near a gun at the time. [More]

Harm Yourself With These 5 Dangerous But Useful Cleaning Products

Harm Yourself With These 5 Dangerous But Useful Cleaning Products

Chlorine gas was used for chemical warfare during World War I. You can make it easily in your own home by accidentally combining chlorine and ammonia in a misguided effort to boost cleaning power. Aren’t you clever? [More]

Man Sues Walgreens For Giving Him Wart Remover Instead Of Eye Drops

Man Sues Walgreens For Giving Him Wart Remover Instead Of Eye Drops

A Walgreens customer in NYC is suing the drugstore chain for $1 million, alleging they mistakenly gave him wart remover when his prescription called for eyedrops. [More]

Dentist Left Instruments In Patients' Teeth

Dentist Left Instruments In Patients' Teeth

A New York dentist has been ordered back to school after being accused of leaving instruments behind in patients’ mouths during root canals. [More]