Lawsuit Seeks $50K For Woman Claiming She Was Burned By Flying Hot Coals At A Hookah Lounge

A woman is suing a Philadelphia hookah lounge for $50,000 claiming she was burned by hot coals after some raucous fellow patrons dancing around a stripper pole sent hot coals flying onto her chest.

She says in the lawsuit that she and a friend were sitting in a booth in the lounge when a reveler dancing nearby knocked into their table, reports the Associated Press.

The allegedly wobbly table upset their hookah pipe, sending hot coals skyward straight into her décolletage, she claims.

She’s seeking more than $50,000 in damages for the burns to her breasts, saying she not only suffered severe pain but also humiliation, and could need surgery to deal with the scars.

The owner of the lounge reportedly responded to the lawsuit by saying his lawyer told him not to comment, after another news outlet quoted him as saying the plaintiff was “trying to make a quick buck.”

Suit: Breasts burned at Philadelphia hookah lounge [Associated Press]

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