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What Will Happen To Cabela’s Nebraska Hometown After Merger With Bass Pro?

Located in western Nebraska, a couple hours’ drive to either Denver or Cheyenne, WY, the small city of Sidney has been home to outdoors outfitter Cabela’s for more than 50 years, as it grew from a little catalog operation to a retail chain with billions of dollars in annual sales. But now that Cabela’s has been purchased by Bass Pro Shops, what will happen to the 2,000 jobs that the company had provided to the local economy? [More]


7 Things To Know About Why So Many Debt Collection Lawsuits Are Filed In Nebraska

When a debt collector decides to file a lawsuit against an alleged debtor, that decision might have more to do with where the defendant lives than with how much they allegedly owe.  [More]


Boss Gives Out Bonus To Employees All In $2 Bills To Spend Locally

Every year in mid-June, Hornady Manufacturing, a Nebraska company that makes ammunition and reloading tools, gives its employees an impressive bonus. Three years ago, after local leaders accused the company of not supporting the local economy, it began earmarking a part of that bonus to be spent only at local businesses. How did they do that? By giving out envelopes of a very particular form of currency: $2 bills. [More]

Taco Bell Employee Guilty Of Threatening Co-Worker With Knife In Front Of Customers

Taco Bell Employee Guilty Of Threatening Co-Worker With Knife In Front Of Customers

Dear Taco Bell employees: If you’re going to threaten one another with knives (which, for the record, we do not recommend), kindly do so out of the view of customers; and certainly don’t threaten your fellow employee while he or she is in the middle of taking an order from a customer. [More]

“Breaking Bad” References Reach Real Cinnabon In The Real Omaha

“Breaking Bad” References Reach Real Cinnabon In The Real Omaha

(UPDATED with additional photos and comment from Cinnabon operator) In the chaos of the endgame of the AMC program “Breaking Bad,” one character decides to start over with a new identity. “If I’m lucky, in a month from now, best-case scenario, I’m managing a Cinnabon in Omaha,” this person tells another character. It wasn’t long before references appeared in the real world. (To state the obvious, if you’re saving the show for later, please skip the rest of this post.) [More]


Lawsuit: Woman Died Because Walmart Didn’t Double-Bag Her Groceries

In April of 2010, a Nebraska woman picked up two 46-ounce cans and a two-pound bag of rice at Walmart. The cashier put all of these items in a single bag. The bag broke, causing an injury which became infected. The infection led to the woman’s death. Now her family is suing Walmart, as well as the companies that made and distributed the faulty plastic bag, for wrongful death. [More]

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Authorities Confirm Salad Food Poisoning Outbreak, Won’t Say Where Salads Were Sold

Hundreds of people in the Midwest got very sick from a bagged salad mix contaminated with a nasty little parasite called cyclospora. That’s how many cases authorities were able to confirm: there are probably many more who didn’t see a doctor or let the health department know they were sick. What no one will tell the public is where the fateful poo-contaminated salads were served. [More]

This is not what "drive-thru" service means.

Man Crashes Car Into Pizza Place, Orders Pizza

We hear all the time about people accidentally crashing their vehicles into fast food joints, but the driver rarely then proceeds to place an order from the establishment into which he’s just crashed. [More]

Postal inspectors are using photocopies and scans of packages to figure out which items are missing.

Hundreds Of FedEx Packages Missing After Driver Kicks Them Out Of His Truck

If you live in the area of Papillion, Nebraska, and you’ve been waiting on a FedEx package for a couple weeks now, you’re not alone, after a driver for the delivery service decided to simply dump hundreds of parcels in the road. [More]

This Giant Steel Clamp Makes An Excellent Frozen Entree

This Giant Steel Clamp Makes An Excellent Frozen Entree

Aldi is recalling three flavors of its Fit and Active frozen dinners after an Omaha family found a steel clamp sealed in a sesame chicken frozen entree.

“If’ it’s from a machine. If it’s a practical joke. Well, it’s not really funny just because if there’s small pieces,” explained mom Karen Kader

The $1,000 Gas Bills

The $1,000 Gas Bills

David City, Nebraska residents were shocked to open their Aquila gas bills and find bills several hundreds of dollars over the norm, in some cases as high as $1,000. Aquila says that an inexperienced meter reader incorrectly read meters in the area too low for several months and now that the error has been caught, 1,100 affected residents will have to make up the difference. Customers aren’t too thrilled. Aquila is giving them three months to pay up, saying that all they’re doing is charging customers for the gas they used, that to do otherwise would be unfair to other Aquila customers, and that they won’t be shutting off anyone due to this billing snafu. Resident Cheryl Gregg was none too thrilled, saying, “A lot of companies that you go into, if they make a mistake, they take the loss. That’s kind of how it works.” What do you think? Should Alquila have paid for the cost of its mistake or is it only fair for customers to pay for the gas they used?

Spurred By Consumer Email Campaign, Nebraska AG Smacks Down Bait-And-Switch Gas Stations

Spurred By Consumer Email Campaign, Nebraska AG Smacks Down Bait-And-Switch Gas Stations

The Nebraska Attorney General has told the Conoco that posted low prices on its signs but then charged 25-50 cents higher per gallon on most of the pumps to stop its deceptive advertising practices.


Consumers promote boycott of Conoco and BP stations along I-80 that post low prices on their signs but then charge 25-50 cents higher on most of the actual pumps. Under state law, the practice is legal. [Lincoln Journal Star]

Time Warner's New DVR Software Is So Horrible That Lincoln, NE Has To Hold A Public Hearing

Time Warner's New DVR Software Is So Horrible That Lincoln, NE Has To Hold A Public Hearing

“There are serious problems here,” Cook [City Councilman] said Wednesday afternoon. “I think Lincoln customers deserve better. They are not getting what they have paid for.” The new guide has been beset with problems since its introduction. Complaints have ranged from the guide itself — ugly graphics, incomplete information, etc. — to problems with slow-reacting cable boxes and DVRs after the software was loaded into them, causing some subscribers to reboot one or more times a day.