(Renee Rendler-Kaplan)

CDC: 358 People In 26 States Confirmed To Have Cyclosporiasis From Cilantro

Last week, the Food and Drug Administration imposed a partial import ban on cilantro grown in Mexico after an outbreak of the parasitic gastrointestinal illness Cyclosporiasis was traced to specific fields and processing facilities in that country. So far, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, government agencies have been able to confirm 358 cases of the illness, in 26 states. [More]

(Morton Fox)

Salads Sold At Red Lobster & Olive Garden Linked To Cyclospora Outbreaks In Two States

Taking some of the guess-work out of figuring out why your stomach may currently be turned inside out, the Food and Drug Administration has confirmed that salads linked to a cyclospora outbreak that’s sickened at least 400 people have been tied to four restaurants in Iowa and Nebraska, including Olive Garden and Red Lobster. [More]

(Morton Fox)

Authorities Confirm Salad Food Poisoning Outbreak, Won’t Say Where Salads Were Sold

Hundreds of people in the Midwest got very sick from a bagged salad mix contaminated with a nasty little parasite called cyclospora. That’s how many cases authorities were able to confirm: there are probably many more who didn’t see a doctor or let the health department know they were sick. What no one will tell the public is where the fateful poo-contaminated salads were served. [More]