Man Crashes Car Into Pizza Place, Orders Pizza

This is not what "drive-thru" service means.

This is not what “drive-thru” service means.

We hear all the time about people accidentally crashing their vehicles into fast food joints, but the driver rarely then proceeds to place an order from the establishment into which he’s just crashed.

But on Wednesday morning, a man in Lincoln, Nebraska, apparently lost control of his Honda Fit and drove it all the way into a local pizzeria.

“It sounded like a building was coming down,” a woman working in the building next door to the pizza place tells the Lincoln Journal Star.

The Lincoln fire chief says that the man, described as “elderly” though no specific age was given, went ahead and ordered a pizza from his seat inside the car.

“He seemed very calm and collected,” recalls one witness. “I was amazed… He acted like he drove through [the pizzeria] every day.”

The driver was treated on the scene and taken to the hospital. No one else was injured and the crash did no structural damage to the pizzeria.

The AP has a video of the damage here. We were going to embed it, but the video auto-plays when it’s embedded and we try not to subject Consumerist readers to auto-play videos.

That video appears to have been removed from the source’s archive. There is still a video available for those who want one at HuffPo.

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