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T-Mobile Offering Customers A Free Year Of MLB.TV Premium

T-Mobile customers who can’t travel to every city their favorite baseball team plays — and don’t want to pay for extra channels or on-demand streaming — will have another option to catch the action with a free subscription to MLB.TV Premium for a year. [More]

Chris Rief aka Spodie Odie

Report: Facebook Wants To Livestream One MLB Game Per Week

In the social media version of keeping up with the Joneses, it looks like Facebook wants to get in on some of the professional sports action its rival Twitter is going after: The Zuck’s company is reportedly in talks with Major League Baseball to livestream one game a week during the upcoming season. [More]


Taco Bell Will Hand Out Free Tacos If Someone Steals A Base During World Series

Whether you’re jumping for joy or tearing your hair out when a player steals a base during the upcoming World Series, rest assured that if it happens, everyone’s gonna get a free taco. [More]

Disney Confirms ESPN Streaming Service Without ESPN

Disney Confirms ESPN Streaming Service Without ESPN

A month ago, we told you about rumors that ESPN would be offering a new, standalone streaming service but that it wouldn’t include access to the flagship ESPN pay-TV channel. Now ESPN’s parent company Disney has confirmed that such a project is in the works, and that it may use the ESPN name but won’t look like the ESPN you know. [More]

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Former St. Louis Cardinals Exec Sentenced To 46 Months For Hacking Houston Astros

More than six months after pleading guilty to hacking into the Houston Astros’ front office computer network, a former St. Louis Cardinals executive has been sentenced to 46 months in federal prison. [More]


Atlanta Braves Selling Tickets For As Low As $2.60/Game. What’s The Catch?

As a lifelong Phillies fan, especially one whose formative years were spent watching the Atlanta Braves repeatedly mow down the rest of the National League for the better part of two decades, it’s not without some joy that I revel in the fact that the last-place Braves have had to resort to rock-bottom pricing to get fans in seats. At the same time, as someone who cares about protecting consumers, I have to point out the fine print in this bargain. [More]


Miami Marlins Respond To Flagging Attendance By Suing Season Ticket Holders

The idea of pro sports team suing its biggest fans may seem counter-intuitive, but try telling that to the Miami Marlins. Since 2013, the team — which ranks 27th out of 30 Major League Baseball teams in attendance — has reportedly sued at least nine fans with season tickets or luxury suite contracts, while also fighting legal battles against bankrupt stadium vendors.

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Yahoo To Stream One MLB Game Each Day For The Season

At this point, there’s no shortage of options for baseball fans to stream at least some MLB games for a fee, from subscriptions to the league’s agreement with Fox Sports to allow regional networks to live-stream games in-market. Now there’s another (free) player in the game as Yahoo announced it will stream 180 games this year.  [More]

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T-Mobile Offers Free Subscription To Promote Streaming, Draw Customers

Baseball season begins in a few weeks, so why not use it as an opportunity to sell some mobile phone plans? You might not see the direct connection there, but T-Mobile does: they’re offering free subscriptions to the MLB’s all-team streaming service to their customers to promote baseball and their Binge On exemptions for selected streaming video services. [More]

MLB To Offer In-Market Streaming Starting In 2017 (But You’ll Still Need Cable)

MLB To Offer In-Market Streaming Starting In 2017 (But You’ll Still Need Cable)

The settlement of a years-old class-action lawsuit against Major League Baseball means that fans will have more streaming options for watching their favorite teams. Unfortunately, it also means that if you live in the same market as your favorite team, you still need to pay for cable. [More]

Fired St. Louis Cardinals Exec To Plead Guilty To Hacking Houston Astros Front Office

Fired St. Louis Cardinals Exec To Plead Guilty To Hacking Houston Astros Front Office

Sports-related chicanery often ends in suspensions and the occasional expulsion, but rarely does it rise to the level of actual crime. Then again, it’s not every day that one team illegally breaches the private network of another. [More]

MLB Commissioner Asks All Teams To Extend Safety Nets

MLB Commissioner Asks All Teams To Extend Safety Nets

Following a high-profile lawsuit alleging that Major League Baseball and team owners had been putting fans at risk by not extending safety net coverage all the way from home plate to the foul poles, the league’s commissioner is now calling on all 30 teams to increase the netting, but nowhere near as far as the foul poles. [More]

There’s A New Streaming Option In Town For MLB Games… But You Still Need Cable To Use It

There’s A New Streaming Option In Town For MLB Games… But You Still Need Cable To Use It

Keeping current with your hometown baseball team can be, well, a giant pain in the butt. Even if you live in the local market, the easy, ubiquitous over-the-air local broadcasts of games have been fading away over the years in favor of cable. In the streaming-enabled, mobile-friendly, broadband-based world of the 21st century it feels like watching your local sluggers should be easy… but somehow, there’s always still a catch. [More]

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DraftKings & FanDuel Are Exempt From Online Gambling Laws Because Pro Sports Wanted It That Way

Daily fantasy sports sites DraftKings and FanDuel are basically everywhere lately. Not only are the ads for both companies a constant during every sports broadcast of any kind, but also there’s constantly news about FBI investigations, states trying to shut them down, or even John Oliver roasts. [More]

In July, this Connecticut woman was hospitalized and received 30 stitches after being hit in the forehead by a foul ball at Boston's Fenway Park.

Lawsuit Over Safety Nets At Major League Baseball Parks Details Dozens Of Fan Injuries Since July

A little more than three months ago, a class-action lawsuit filed against Major League Baseball called for the installation of safety nets that would extend all the way to both of the foul poles. The lead plaintiff in that complaint had not actually been struck by any errant balls or bats, but a newly amended complaint includes details on numerous recent fan injuries and near-misses, including 90 that have occurred since this lawsuit was first filed. [More]

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Supreme Court Shuts Down Attempt To Move Oakland A’s To San Jose

Professional sports teams relocate all the time — just ask the NFL’s Oakland Raiders, who moved moved to L.A. and then back home again in a little more than a decade (and who are among the lead prospects to fill the pro football void in L.A.). So it would seem no big deal for the Oakland A’s to only move about 50 miles away to San Jose, right? Not quite. [More]


Yankees, Rockies Fans Can Now Be Fingerprinted For Faster Entry Into Stadium

Last year, the San Francisco Giants became the first Major League Baseball team to integrate a TSA-like express security lane for pre-checked visitors (who also paid $179 for the privilege). Starting this week, Yankee Stadium will also get this sort of access, though it won’t cost anything for people who just want speedy access to a baseball game. [More]

This is the view from the plaintiff's section at  Coliseum. The lawsuit claims that only the pricey VIP seats are protected by safety netting.

Lawsuit Asks Major League Baseball To Put Up Safety Nets All The Way To Foul Poles

I’ve been going to baseball games since I was old enough to walk, and I’ve even had regular seats in prime foul ball territory. Yet I’ve never managed to snag an errant ball (and luckily, I’ve never had to duck out of the way from a flying bat). If a new lawsuit has its way, my dream of someday catching a foul ball will become even more of a fantasy. [More]