T-Mobile Offers Free MLB.tv Subscription To Promote Streaming, Draw Customers

Image courtesy of Mike Mozart

Baseball season begins in a few weeks, so why not use it as an opportunity to sell some mobile phone plans? You might not see the direct connection there, but T-Mobile does: they’re offering free subscriptions to the MLB’s all-team streaming service to their customers to promote baseball and their Binge On exemptions for selected streaming video services.


T-Mobile says that the season-long subscription is worth $109.99, but it comes with the normal limitations of MLB.tv, the most inconvenient of which is that you only have access to out-of-market, regular season games. That’s kind of inconvenient if you don’t have cable and are a fan of your local team… or your favorite out-of-market team is playing a local team. However, it’s better than no streaming service at all, and MLB.tv also happens to be exempt from bandwidth limits as part of Big Magenta’s Binge On program.

If you’re already a T-Mobile customer, you can sign up at, logically enough, tmobile.com/mlb. To be eligible, you’ll need one of their newer Simple Choice postpaid plans, and to sign up by April 10.

(via Bloomberg)

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