Yankees, Rockies Fans Can Now Be Fingerprinted For Faster Entry Into Stadium

Last year, the San Francisco Giants became the first Major League Baseball team to integrate a TSA-like express security lane for pre-checked visitors (who also paid $179 for the privilege). Starting this week, Yankee Stadium will also get this sort of access, though it won’t cost anything for people who just want speedy access to a baseball game.

The service is run by a company called Clear that operates a trusted-traveler vetting service used at a dozen airports.

Bloomberg reports that people who register and provide their fingerprints at an on-site tent at Yankee Stadium won’t have to pay the $179/year charge if they’re only planning to use it for baseball games. If they want to upgrade to use Clear for travel, then the yearly fee kicks in.

As anyone who has been to Yankee Stadium since 2001 can attest, it’s one of the more high-security sporting venues in the country, especially for baseball. So the appeal of speeding up entry is understandable.

The Colorado Rockies also launched Clear access this week at Coors Field. Like the Yankee Stadium offer, there is currently no fee for fans who sign up for baseball-only access.

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