McDonald’s Hopes Cheaper Mighty Wings Will Sell Better This Time Around

They're baaaaack...

They’re baaaaack…

Despite much fanfare and ballyhoo over McDonald’s attempt to woo wing lovers last fall with its Mighty Wings, the almost $1-per-wing price instead led to many customers shunning the fast food chain’s effort. The result of that tepid response was $10 million in frozen, unsold Mighty Wings, an outcome Mickey D’s is hoping to avoid this time around with lower prices.

Yes, the Mighty Wings will be back for another limited run, McDonald’s confirmed on Twitter:

The difference this time around is you’ll get five wings for $3, a price shift that CEO Don Thompson alluded to last October when he pledged that the Mighty Wings would rise again, reports

“Mighty Wings resonated with consumers but performed at the lower end of our expectations,” he explained, saying that adjusting the price could fix that. “One dollar per wing was still not considered to be the most competitive in the current environment.”

It’s unclear if the recipe has changed as well — Thompson said some customers might not have taken to the spiciness of the wings, but this newest iteration also advertises its flavors as “spicy, bold, delicious.”

If they’re the same recipe, get those defrosters ready, McDonald’s franchisees. We imagine at least $10 million in unsold, frozen Mighty Wings is coming your way.

Mighty Wings Return at 5 for $3 []

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