Back on shelves and behinds.

Lululemon’s Sheer Pants Lawsuit Nightmare Is Over

Our long translucent-hindquarters nightmare is over. Earlier today, the judge in a federal class-action lawsuit brought by Lululemon shareholders released her final opinion, which dismisses both lawsuits brought against the company and its executives for allowing see-through pants to be sold in stores, not warning shareholders about the issue, and also not telling shareholders about the imminent firing of the company’s CEO over the issue. [More]


Lululemon Comes Out A Winner In Investors’ Lawsuit Over Sheer Yoga Pants

Lululemon scored a big legal win today, as a judge has ruled that a lawsuit brought by investors accusing the company of knowingly covering up a defect in its yoga pants should be dismissed. The defective fabric prompted a costly recall after customers complained that the pants were see-through. [More]


Lululemon’s New CEO Admits: “We Let Down Our Guest A Little”

Nothing gets a company really thinking about its past customer slights like disappointing sales numbers, huh? After Lululemon’s quarterly same store sales took a dip for the first time since 2009, its new CEO says the brand has a bit of work to do restoring customers’ faith. [More]


Lululemon To Customers Complaining About Sheerness: It’s Not The Pants, It’s “The Fit”

Listen, ladies: Despite the fact that you’re pretty darn sure you wear one size at Lululemon, if you’re complaining that the Luon yoga pants are sheer, you’re wrong. Maybe it’s that you’re a bigger size than you thought, and that’s why they’re see-through, not because of any fault on Lululemon’s part, see? That’s what some customers are hearing after reporting their pants are still sheer when they bend over. [More]

Back on shelves and behinds.

Lululemon Brings Back Yoga Pants, Now With Fabric That Won’t Show Your Private Bits

There was a time, not long ago, when women wearing Lululemon yoga pants were worried — nay, afraid — that if they bent over at the waist, the whole world would see what my mother always told me to keep covered in public. The company had a sheer fabric problem and a big ol’ PR mess on its hands, one it’s attempting to wipe up with new, opaque fabric. [More]


Customer: Lululemon Employees Demanded Butt Checks Before Taking Back Sheer Pants

Here’s the problem with Lululemon’s now-infamous see-through yoga pants: they look and feel pretty much the same as pants that aren’t see-through. There’s really only one way to tell whether they’re truly see-through. You have to bend over and see whether anyone can see your business. Fans of the brand online report that some cashiers took this problem to its logical conclusion, and asked customers to bend over for butt inspections before they could return their pants. [More]