Lululemon To Customers Complaining About Sheerness: It’s Not The Pants, It’s “The Fit”

Listen, ladies: Despite the fact that you’re pretty darn sure you wear one size at Lululemon, if you’re complaining that the Luon yoga pants are sheer, you’re wrong. Maybe it’s that you’re a bigger size than you thought, and that’s why they’re see-through, not because of any fault on Lululemon’s part, see? That’s what some customers are hearing after reporting their pants are still sheer when they bend over.

After the Lululemon Luon meltdown earlier this year, the company promised it was bringing back new and improved yoga pants that wouldn’t show off wearers’ private bits when they bent over. Then why are some customers still complaining that this new crop of yoga pants are too revealing?

Maybe because “guests don’t have the benefit of doing an in-store fit session with one of our educators to make sure the fit is right for them,” the company said in a Frequently Asked Questions section of its website, via The Province.

In other words, you might think you’re one size, but you should be wearing a bigger size or face see-throughness.

Customer reviews on the site point to as much:

“I was told by a sales associate that after the fabric was changed, most people had to go up a size for the sheerness to go away,” one customer wrote. “Confused that just one size smaller would cause so much trouble with the fabric, I tried an eight. The eight was not only too big, but still sheer when I bent over!”

While there is also a plethora of positive reviews and comments, many voicing confusion over the see-through problems plaguing their shopping brethren, telling customers to size up or that maybe certain styles of pants don’t deal well with sweat is confusing, on analyst tells The Province.

“We believe consumers expect to be able to both bend and sweat in Lululemon’s premium-priced athletic product,” she said.

On the other hand, if your plan is to stand perfectly still and upright in a climate-controlled environment, you’re good.

Our pants aren’t see-through, you’re just wearing the wrong size, says Lululemon [The Province]

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