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Sales Of Jeans Are Down 6%, Everybody Panic

The impending demise of jeans is currently big news. Is it really news, though? Are Americans really eschewing indigo-colored cotton, moving on to elastic-waisted options like leggings and yoga pants? Current trends and the preferences of teens indicate that the next few years might be tough ones for companies in the blue-jeans biz. [More]

Back on shelves and behinds.

Lululemon’s Sheer Pants Lawsuit Nightmare Is Over

Our long translucent-hindquarters nightmare is over. Earlier today, the judge in a federal class-action lawsuit brought by Lululemon shareholders released her final opinion, which dismisses both lawsuits brought against the company and its executives for allowing see-through pants to be sold in stores, not warning shareholders about the issue, and also not telling shareholders about the imminent firing of the company’s CEO over the issue. [More]


Lululemon To Customers Complaining About Sheerness: It’s Not The Pants, It’s “The Fit”

Listen, ladies: Despite the fact that you’re pretty darn sure you wear one size at Lululemon, if you’re complaining that the Luon yoga pants are sheer, you’re wrong. Maybe it’s that you’re a bigger size than you thought, and that’s why they’re see-through, not because of any fault on Lululemon’s part, see? That’s what some customers are hearing after reporting their pants are still sheer when they bend over. [More]

Back on shelves and behinds.

Lululemon Brings Back Yoga Pants, Now With Fabric That Won’t Show Your Private Bits

There was a time, not long ago, when women wearing Lululemon yoga pants were worried — nay, afraid — that if they bent over at the waist, the whole world would see what my mother always told me to keep covered in public. The company had a sheer fabric problem and a big ol’ PR mess on its hands, one it’s attempting to wipe up with new, opaque fabric. [More]


You Can Return Those Lululemon Yoga Pants If It Bothers You That They’re See-Through

For those people who wear Lululemon Athletica clothes, or heck, even know someone who’s a fan of the company, you know that there’s a certain, shall we say, reputation the company has: It has a lot of fans among the yoga set. While form-fitting gear is one thing, the retailer admitted it just had to pull a whole lot of pants from its stores due to a “sheerness” problem. [More]