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Cutting A Hole In The Wall Of A Best Buy To Steal A Bunch Of Electronics Seems Excessive, No?

Pulling off a heist sounds like a criminal rush and all, but cutting a hole in a cinder block wall to steal anywhere from $65,000 to $75,000 in electronics still sounds like a whole lot of effort. That’s how thieves boosted a bunch of merchandise from a Brooklyn Best Buy, say police investigating the incident. [More]

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Oh, Sweet: Canadian Police Arrest 3 In $20M Maple Syrup Heist, 5 Others Still At Large

You think you can pilfer $20 million worth of the global strategic maple syrup reserve and just get away with it, you’ve got another think coming. There are a lot of pancakes and waffles that are well served by the sweet stuff and Canadian police are taking the job of rounding up those responsible for the heist very seriously. They just made three arrests in the case, and are looking for five others allegedly involved. [More]

The Conman Who Loved Me: Madoff Mistress Tells All

The Conman Who Loved Me: Madoff Mistress Tells All

Sheryl Weinstein, Bernie Madoff‘s mistress, is making the rounds with her steamy, tell-all account of Bernie Madoff the love machine called “Madoff’s Other Secret: Love, Money, Bernie, and Me” (the title beat out “Bernie Madoff Robbed and Sexed Me and All I Got was This Stupid Book Contract”).