Oh, Sweet: Canadian Police Arrest 3 In $20M Maple Syrup Heist, 5 Others Still At Large

You think you can pilfer $20 million worth of the global strategic maple syrup reserve and just get away with it, you’ve got another think coming. There are a lot of pancakes and waffles that are well served by the sweet stuff and Canadian police are taking the job of rounding up those responsible for the heist very seriously. They just made three arrests in the case, and are looking for five others allegedly involved.

Quebec police had already recovered most of the 10,000 barrels of syrup that were stolen between August 2011 and July 2012, and now three suspects are on the hook in the crime, according to Sun News.

The suspects face charges of theft, conspiracy to commit theft, handling of stolen goods and fraud. Cops think the suspects pumped the maple syrup out of the warehouses where it was being stored and into tanker trucks. Some of that equipment was found by cops investigating the crime.

Police say they seized vehicles used to transport stolen maple syrup and executed several search warrants in Quebec, New Brunswick, Ontario and several northern U.S. states. Officers also seized two forklifts, four syrup kettles, platform lifts and six electronic scales.

Messing with Quebec’s sticky stuff might sound silly, but the province produces around 80% of the world’s maple syrup each year. If thieves had succeeded, you might’ve had to pay a lot more for your morning breakfast drizzle.

Three Arrests In $20M Maple Syrup Heist [Sun News]

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