The Conman Who Loved Me: Madoff Mistress Tells All

Sheryl Weinstein, Bernie Madoff‘s mistress, is making the rounds with her steamy, tell-all account of Bernie Madoff the love machine called “Madoff’s Other Secret: Love, Money, Bernie, and Me” (the title beat out “Bernie Madoff Robbed and Sexed Me and All I Got was This Stupid Book Contract”).

It’s all about Madoff putting on the moves and making sweet, sweet love on the way to romancing the money out of Weinstein’s bank account.

The New York Daily News quotes a couple intriguing passages from the book:

“… This man was not well-endowed,” said Weinstein, who was once a top executive with the Jewish women’s group Hadassah and lost her life savings with Madoff.

Despite the initial shock and disappointment, Weinstein said, billionaire Bernie turned her on in bed.

“When we made love, I was on fire,” she said.

Finally, proof positive that size doesn’t matter. That’s a reference to investors being duped by the colossal size of Madoff’s enterprise, nothing sexual. Get your minds out of the gutter.

Bernie Madoff wooed, then robbed me blind, ex-mistress Sheryl Weinstein claims in steamy book [New York Daily News]

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