Dunkin' Donuts Staffers Tells Blind Customer Her Guide Dog Isn't Welcome

A legally blind woman in Massachusetts claims that she was recently told twice in the same day that her guide dog was not allowed in her local Dunkin’ Donuts.

According to the woman, she went into the Dunkin’ Donuts to pick up a coffee and was told that her trained service dog was not permitted inside. She says she returned a few hours later with the dog’s trainer in the hope of speaking to the store’s manager and was told by yet another staffer that the dog was persona non grata.

The manager was unavailable and the customer says she her later attempts to contact the manager were to no avail. That’s when she decided to switch where she buys her coffee.

“I went into Starbucks and had no problem there,” she tells the Taunton Gazette.

“All employees should be trained about the federal and state laws regarding those with disabilities so that this doesn’t happen,” said the woman. “Blind people shouldn’t have to worry about not being allowed to go places because their guide dog isn’t allowed.”

A rep for Dunkin’ Donuts told the paper he was reviewing the tapes and claims that the store follows ADA regulations. “Everyone who comes in should feel comfortable,” he said. “Our employee apologized to [the customer] and she is always welcome.”

Blind woman says guide dog not allowed in Taunton Dunkin Donuts

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