JetBlue Flight Attendant Accused Of Leaving Bag Full Of Cocaine At LAX Arrested In NYC

The hunt is over for the JetBlue flight attendant accused of bolting from a security checkpoint and abandoning a bag stuffed with 69 pounds of cocaine at Los Angeles Airport: authorities say she’s been arrested across the country in New York.

The woman was taken into custody on Wednesday after officials say she surrendered to the Drug Enforcement Administration at John F. Kennedy International Airport, reports CBS Los Angeles.

According to authorities, the flight attendant was selected by the Transportation Security Administration at random on Friday for a secondary security screening at Los Angeles International Airport, which isn’t typical for crew members.

The criminal complaint alleges that after she entered the secondary screening area, she dropped her bag, kicked off her Gucci heels and fled, running down an upward escalator.

When authorities searched her carry-on bags, they discovered something that shouldn’t be there.

“The abandoned luggage was subsequently found to contain eleven individually wrapped packages that each contained a mixture or substance containing a detectable amount of cocaine that, in total, weighed approximately 68.49 pounds,” the complaint states.

She’s now been charged with possession with intent to distribute cocaine. She’s facing 10 years behind bars if she’s convicted of drug trafficking.

JetBlue Flight Attendant Accused Of Abandoning Cocaine-Filled Luggage At LAX Arrested In New York [CBS Los Angeles]

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