Friends Of Rental Scam Victims Go Undercover To Nab Scammer

A couple in California recently got taken for several hundred dollars by a woman pretending to be a landlord. So to help catch the baddy, a pair of friends went undercover to help police nab the alleged scammer. Thankfully, a news crew was also there to get it on videotape.

The friends posed as potential renters and contacted the same woman who they believe hustled their pals for a rental deposit on an apartment the woman didn’t own. They arranged to meet outside a local ice cream parlor and when cops and TV cameras swooped in, the woman fessed up to having conned the original couple out of $850 cash.

“I don’t own it. I was scamming them,” the visibly stunned woman told CBS Sacramento as she was being taken into custody.

“You scammed my friends and we just scammed you,” one of the undercover pals cheered as cuffs were being placed on the woman.

She only admitted on camera to having pulled the scam once, but a look inside her purse found more rental applications and deposit receipts.

Alleged Rental Scammer Confesses On Camera After She’s Caught []

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